5 Biggest Names in the Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) Industry in 2022

Fish protein hydrolysate (FPH) is also commonly known by the name fish protein. This substance is made up of an aggregate of amino acids as well as peptides that are very minute. Proteins are in high demand all over the world in various sectors. Many chemicals namely pepsin, acylase, trypsin and many more are used in treating fish meat. These proteins are obtained after the treatment provided to fish meat.   

Fish proteins have endless applications in different sectors. This is one important reason why the market is booming during the research period. Fish protein is a very good product that can enhance the health of skin. With the growth of beauty industry, the awareness to maintain good health has increased among people. Therefore, people opt for taking fish protein to maintain good skin. End-use industries use fish protein hydrolysate in abundance. All of these factors are creating lucrative growth opportunities for market growth and development.

Business Research Insights™ predicts that the Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) could grow to the extent of USD 287.3 million by the end of 2028. The market was valued at USD 236.1 million in the year 2021 and is expected to grow at a CARG of 3.3% within the forecast period.

Business Research Insights™ Presents the Top 5 Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) Makers Globally

1. Green Earth Industries (U.S.)

Green Earth Industries is one of the major players in the FPH market globally. This organization strives to have a positive impact on the world by providing good customer service. They help in bringing an optimistic change in the environment by finding solutions for climate change and pollution that has occurred due to human activities.  This company is headquartered in North Carolina, U.S. and focusses on generating clean energy to reverse the effect of global warming through their services and products.

2. Neptunes Harvest (U.S.)

Established in America, Neptunes Harvest is one of the largest producers of fish fertilizers. They offer variety of products to their customers who are spread across various countries. Some of their products include hydrolyzed fish fertilizers, fish-see weed blend, tomato and veg formula quartz and many. They make use of numerous fish species, and they do not make use of offensive odors. Other than that, they try to produce products naturally.

3. Triplenine Group (Australia)

Triplenine group situated in Australia provides various services. One among them is food and beverage sector. This company was established in the year 2003 and has managed to get recognized globally within a short span of time. It is a privately owned  Australian company that specializes in various sectors like pharmaceuticals, design, and fabrication. They mainly focus on quality standard planning, and, proper inspection and control.  

4. Symrise AG (Germany)

Symrise AG is not only a global leader in its own field, but also a top global company. It mainly specializes in the field of flavors and fragrances. It is also a major contributor and member of the European Flavor Association. It also emerged to be one among the top 50 companies in food flavors and fragrances companies list. It was founded in the year 2003. 

5. Omega Protein (U.S.) 

Omega protein was founded in the year 1913 mainly as a fishing operation. It was a primarily publicly traded company in the United States. They are pioneers in their fields and provide numerous services to their customers. The products include, dietary supplements, animal feed, fish oil and fish meal.

How has COVID-19 Impacted the Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH)?

The FPH market saw a considerable decline during the pandemic of COVID-19. The world health organization (WHO) declared COVID as a global health crisis and emergency due to its severity. Some of the main factors that negatively affected the market were closure of restaurants, hotels, and resorts. This hampered the market growth during pandemic.

How will Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) Makers Industry Fare in the Coming Years?

The Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) market is predicted to grow at a very rapid rate due to some of the factors that drive its development. Recently a lot of people are changing their preference and are opting to eat healthy food. Fish protein is an excellent food product and has many health benefits. They provide additional nutritional support to children. These proteins are being made available in in the form of beverages and drinks. All of these factors have helped in the growth of the market.