Increasing Consumption of Blenders & Juicers to Drive Market Growth

Blenders & Juicers are one of the most valuable appliances. They are used for mixing and liquefying food, fruits, and other items. These devices are operated with the help of electricity and chop things finely by using sharp blades at high speeds. Blenders are mostly used for making baby food and smoothies, blending ice for mock tails and cocktails, and mixing two or more items. Juicers are used for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Juicers are extractors and have a strong motor when compared to ordinary juicers. Blenders mix two or more things together with the help of electric machines used for liquefying, pureeing, or chopping food. The rising usage of dairy and bakery products is anticipated to drive the growth of the market.

According to a research study by Business Research Insights, the global market for Blenders & Juicers is projected to touch USD 3.1 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.8% during 2022-2028. In 2022, the market value stood at USD 2.8 billion. 

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Significant Challenges Posed by COVID-19 Pandemic 

Industries were severely affected by the outbreak of the pandemic. The market for blenders & juicers experienced a disruption in supply chain and manufacturing operations. Stringent lockdown restrictions affected the manufacturing rate of consumer goods. The closure of retail stores slowed down the market growth. Additionally, the consumers avoided buying any product to avoid any chance of getting infected by the virus. The demand for the product was on a constant rise as the outbreak of the pandemic boosted health concerns among the population.

Major Upcoming Trends in the Industry 

The expansion of the blender and juicer market is anticipated to be accelerated by rising worldwide dairy product output. Demand for the product is expected to rise as the dairy industry grows. Additionally, it is anticipated that rising customer desire for easily digestible foods and the availability of vitamin drinks will boost product demand. Additionally, it is anticipated that bakers would use blenders and juicers more often due to the increased demand for baked goods for various occasions. Fast and efficient blending capabilities are driving market expansion. Additionally, during the projected period, rising health and fitness concerns are anticipated to support market expansion.