Key Suppliers of Nylon 612 Market, 2023

With increasing use of nylon 612 in extruded tubing applications, the demand for such nylon is set to increase in the future. Nylon 612 has been developed to absorb low moisture that provides properties between nylon 6 and nylon 12. It is also used injection modelling. They are known for their robust nature as they are more prone to heat and chemicals compared to other nylons. These nylons are available for various purposes as different nylons are made for different applications. This type of nylon has excellent material which has good properties such as good dimensional stability, moisture, high heat resistance, chemical resistance, and more.

Nylon 612 is experiencing high demand due to its properties such as in water applications or machines as it has low coefficient of friction and is resistant to heat. It is also used in mechanical parts of vehicle, gears, and electrical and structural components. They are also highly used in making fish nets due to their durable properties which has increased their demand in counties like India, China, and Japan. Steady expansion of fish farming in these countries and globally is rising the demand for fish and simultaneously increases the demand for such nylons. 

According to Business Research Insights, the global nylon 612 market size was valued at USD 196.7 million in 2022 and is projected to reach a valuation of USD 312.8 million by 2028 with a CAGR of 8%. The market has leading players;

Market players have been constantly focused on upgrading their product portfolios by integrating advanced features. Major market players have been emphasizing on boosting their presence using partnerships, investments, agreements, acquisitions, and expansions. The emergence of advanced products is set to boost product demand. In August 2020, Nylstar has come up with the idea of yarn which is made of recycled nylon 6 of INVISTA, 6 polymers with Global Standard Certification. Nylstar is a Spanish nylon yarn manufacturer.  

Business Research Insights States Top 5 Nylon 612 Suppliers- 

1. DuPont (U.S.)

DuPont de Numerous, Inc. usually named just as DuPont is an American chemical company started in 1802. The company is located in Delaware, U.S. and has been a crucial factor in the development of the state. The company has developed many polymers such as VespelneoprenenylonCorianTeflonMylarKaptonKevlar, Zemdrain, M5 fiberNomexTyvekSoronaCorfam, and Lycra. It offers products under numerous categories namely; fabrics, fibers & non-wovens, personal protective equipment, construction materials, packaging materials & solutions, and solar/photovoltaic materials. 

2. Arkema (France)

Arkema S.A. is a public multinational company which manufactures specialty materials. It operates under three main divisions; advanced materials, adhesives, and coatings. It offers a wide variety of products under coating resins, reheology and specialty additives, high performance polymers, UV curable resins and additives, plastic additives, crayvallac coating additives, and luperox organic peroxide. The company was constructed under the of its chemical business in 2004 but the originally the company was started in 1971. Arkema operates in 55 countries with 144 production plants and 14 research centers and is headquartered in Colombes, France.    

3. Evonik (Germany)

Evonik Industries AG or simply known as Evonik is a specialty chemicals company located in EssenNorth Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is one of the largest producers of specialty chemicals in the world and second largest in the Germany. Founded in 2007, Evonik works in energy, chemicals, and real estate sections. The company operates in 100 countries and its business units are categorized in 6 units. They are advanced intermediates, consumer specialties, coatings & additives, inorganic materials, health & nutrition, and performance polymers.  

4. Ensinger (Germany)

The Ensinger Group manufactures and develops compounds, semi-finished products, technical parts, composite materials and profiles made of engineering and high-performance plastics. The company finds its roots from 1966, operates in 33 locations, and finds its main office is located in Nufringen/Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The products are used in industrial sectors, including mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation industries, and medical technology.  

5. Clariant (Switzerland)

Clariant AG is a Swiss speciality chemicals company started in 1995 focusing on four core business areas; care chemicals (consumer and industrial), catalysts, natural resources, and plastics & coatings. The company has manufacturing sites situated in Europe, North America, South America, China, and India. Located in Muttenz, Switzerland, the company finds its operations in 110 businesses in 53 countries.     

Demand from the Automotive Industry to Pave a Positive Pathway

Constant and increasing demand for the nylon 612 in the automotive industry is set to escalate the growth for nylon 612 market. Fluctuating raw material prices and inclination towards product adoption is increasing the adoption of the product in automotive industry. Nylon 612 has various features such as high temperature rating and low water absorption are expected to drive the trends for the market growth. The demand for automotive is the steady rise due to rise in the population is expected to set to boost the demand during the forecasted period.