Top 5 Players in the Brass Rods Industry in 2022

As well as washers, pins, pipes, rivets, screens, radiator parts, nuts, and pressure gauges, brass rods are also used to make other force-producing items. Solid rods are durable brass components with predetermined lengths and diameters for use in applications requiring both corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. An alloy of copper and zinc is called brass. Unlike copper, it is tougher and stronger, and it can be formed into a variety of forms.

According to a research study by Business Research Insights, the global market for brass rods is projected to rise at a CAGR of 2.6% during 2022-2028. In 2020, the market value stood at USD 16.51 billion.

Business Research Insights Presents the Top 5 Prominent Players in the Brass Rods Industry

1. Daechang (South Korea) 

DAECHANG began producing molds for home appliances and cars in 1989, when it was founded as DAECHANG Mold Co., Ltd. It has grown into a sizable, all-encompassing producer that offers OEM goods, mold manufacturing, component production, processing assembled products, and functional assembly products.

4. KME (Italy)  

KME is one of the biggest producers of items made of copper and copper alloys in the world, and it has a global distribution network.

KME provides cutting-edge product solutions that are specifically suited to the unique needs of each of our clients, who come from a wide range of industrial industries. European management is in charge of the business, which is operated by IntekGroup Spa. Osnabrück is home to KME's main office.

3. Wieland (Germany) 

As the leading expert in copper and copper alloys, they assist their customers' success from a variety of locations and continents, supported by a dependable, adaptable supply network and the greatest services of unwavering quality. They create their goods, services, and technology to offer sustainable and cutting-edge solutions to today's global concerns, such as climate change, digitalization, and reduced resource draw.

4. CHALCO (China) 

Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (also known as "Chalco") was established in China on September 10th, 2001, and Aluminum Corporation of China (also known as "Chinalco") is the company's controlling shareholder. In the non-ferrous sector of the Chinese economy, Chalco is a market leader with a robust asset portfolio compared to rivals internationally. Alumina production, sales, and R&D, primary aluminum and aluminum alloy products, international trade, logistics, and the production of electricity using both conventional and alternative sources of energy make it the only significant company in China's aluminum industry that is involved in the entire value chain.

5. Almag Spa (Italy) 

Since 1946, we have been manufacturing brass bars. Additionally, our firm is a member of a holding company that specializes in the manufacture of semi-finished goods using non-ferrous alloys. But neither the location nor the who fully captures who we are. The how is what sets Almag apart. the traits that make us trustworthy. The principles that direct our pursuit of excellence are creativity, accuracy, and adaptability.


The global market for brass rods has already been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous markets have suffered as a result of COVID-19 in 2020. Lockdowns were imposed in several nations. All types of enterprises had trouble as a result of the abrupt outbreak. Different markets suffered because of the pandemic's numerous limitations. Such rods are employed in interior design, which drives the building industry's need for them. The demand for such rods decreased as a result of a stop to all construction-related operations. Lockdown procedures halted new brass production activities as well, which had an impact on product demand.

Nostalgic Comfort' Trend to Drive Market Growth

It is predicted that a rising tendency for "nostalgic comfort" would accelerate the expansion of the worldwide brass rods industry. Manufacturers have begun employing these rods for interior design in addition to industrial uses. The idea of nostalgic comfort is fashionable and gaining popularity in the world of home design. Because of this, interior design firms have begun utilizing such rods to profit from the idea. Due to its look, premium brass is becoming more and more popular as a metal of choice. Designers of lighting utilize them to create chandeliers. Due to its high quality and versatility, the trend toward using it in interior design is anticipated to provide market expansion opportunities.