LED Glass: An Energy-efficient Alternative to Light up the World More Intelligently

Light emitting diodes are semiconductor devices and are considered an efficient source of energy that are even brighter than incandescent light bulbs. They are 90% transparent in nature, can be incorporated into any glass, and are most commonly used for decoration purposes. Due to its advantages, such as easy installation, availability, and energy savings, the demand for light emitting diodes rose to a great extent. Furthermore, these bulbs produce lower temperatures, which makes them safer to operate than incandescent bulbs. When electrified, LED bulbs emit electromagnetic energy as light and disperse it easily away from the diodes. This makes them ideal for use in heat-sensitive zones.

As per Business Research Insights, the LED glass market size is expected to be valued at 335 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period. In 2019, the market value stood at USD 196 million.

Business Research Insights highlights the top 7 LED glass companies.

1. Zunhua Electronics Engineering Co. Ltd (China)

Founded in 2006, Zunhua Electronics Engineering Co. Ltd is a Chinese firm operating in the manufacturing of high-tech glasses. The firm strongly emphasizes innovation to improve light source while maintaining the characteristics of the glass. The company also brings green energy ideas in shared workspaces to make them more comfortable and pleasant.

2. Stanley Glass (Taiwan)

Stanley Glass is a major glass distribution firm that was founded in 1935 and headquartered in Taiwan. The company has a global presence and extensive experience in the manufacturing areas and provides different kinds of LED glass processing works without compromising on quality. The reliable attitude, professional service, customer-first spirit, stable management, and innovative technology of Stanley Glass makes it a renowned glass company worldwide.

3. Shenzhen Prima Glass Co. (China)

Founded in 1906, Shenzhen Prima Glass Co. is a privately-held firm established in China. The company also offers variable services such as window & door, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom vanity, shower enclosure, sun room, canopy, laser cutting facade, glass partition, hardware series, staircase, and railing products under one roof.

4. Sanha Technologies Co. Ltd. (China) 

Sanha Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company founded in 1966. Through its innovative technological development in LED glass, the firm has set a goal of leading a green growth movement that allows for nature and mankind to live harmoniously. Also, with its fine design and high-tech instruments, the company has set its benchmark in the glass industry.

5. Fujiyang WinShine Industrial Co. Ltd. (China)

Founded in 1914, Fujiyang WinShine Industrial Co. Ltd. is a privately-held firm and a leading manufacturer of architectural mirrors and glass. Using professional research & development center and skilled production workers, the firm creates new values to meet customer needs, creating more opportunities to establish its footprints in the marketplace.

6. Guangzhou Technical Photon Technology Co., Ltd. (China) 

Guangzhou Technical Photon Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the ISO-certified organizations established in Chinese streets and was founded in 2012. Using innovative technology and teams of high professionals, the firm makes sure to provide good performance, competitive products, and high quality.

7. Polytronics, Inc (U.S.)

Polytronics, Inc is a privately-held firm that was established in 1989. Through its advanced technologies, the firm is helping in solving all of the modern electronic heat dissipation needs. The firm deals in thermal management products for LED, backlighting, power, automotive, motor controls, solar cell, and lighting markets.

Increasing Trend for Durable, Energy-efficient, and Low Heat Levels Bulbs Stimulates the LED Glass Adoption

The need for LED glass bulbs rose with the growing demand for new technologies such as Li-Fi and the Internet of Things. Its benefits, such as durability, energy-efficiency, and low heat levels, make it possible for the product to live longer than other types of bulbs by thousands of hours. Also, LED glass offers an exceptional range of colors and color temperatures without gels or filters and will stay the same shade until the end of its lifespan. Also, its long durability and property to withstand more vibration and impact than other light bulbs surge the demand for the product.