PTZ Cameras: An Intelligent Technology for a Smarter and Safer World

PTZ cameras are zoom, pan, and tilt robotic cameras equipped with internet protocols to control the camera remotely. They are primarily used in sporting events and television studios in conjunction with professional cameras to avoid gaps in coverage. The growing trend of wireless IP-based video surveillance and VSaaS services is anticipated to escalate the demand for the product. This system's significant advantage is centralized recording, which can be accomplished with either hardware or software. Despite capturing detailed images of objects, these cameras also provide an option of capturing a wide perspective of an area. As per Business Research Insights, the PTZ cameras market size is likely to grow at 14.1% CAGR during the forecast period.

Business Research Insights highlights the top 9 companies in the industry.

1. Axis (India)

Axis is an Indian firm that was established in 1984. With years of technological excellence, Axis develops and supplies innovative network solutions that improve business performance and security. Through its uncompromised quality equipment, the firm has established its footprints in more than 50 countries.

2. Canon (Japan)

Founded in 1937, Canon is a Japanese multinational firm and one of the leading brands in professional and consumer imaging systems and solutions. The firm is at the forefront of developing an extensive range of products such as medical systems and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, video and cinematography equipment, network cameras, production printers, and multifunction office systems.

3. Bosch Security Systems (Germany)

Founded in 1985, Bosch Security Systems is a privately-held firm that is known for its safety, security, communications products, and systems. The company expanded its digital technologies to help industries with advanced PTZ cameras. The firm's key areas include access control, public address, conference systems, evacuation systems, management systems, intrusion detection, and fire detection. 

4. Hikvision (Japan)

Founded in 2001, Hikvision is a global leader in offering PTZ cameras. It is headquartered in Japan. To better connect the world, the firm serves various sectors to enjoy a better future through its cutting-edge technologies. Through technological innovations, the firm aspires to create value for the society.

5. Dahua Technology (China)

Dahua Technology is a Chinese firm that was founded in 2001. The firm sells video surveillance products and services for a wide range of applications. In addition, the key specific areas of the organization are video surveillance, video conferencing solutions, machine vision, UAV, deep learning, G20, thermal, and IoT solutions to explore more opportunities.

6. Panasonic (Japan)

Panasonic is a privately-held firm headquartered in Japan and was established in 1918. The firm is popularly known for its green impact on reducing CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it is a worldwide leader in manufacturing diverse electronic technologies to create values by confronting social issues.

7. Logitech (Switzerland)

Logitech is headquartered in Switzerland and was founded in 1981. Its products connect people digitally, naturally, or intuitively. The company deals in critical areas like home entertainment control, digital music, gaming, and wireless devices. The firm develops its products with a powerful blend of artistic design and innovative technologies to help its customers in a healthy way.

8. Honeywell (U.S.)

Honeywell is a public company headquartered in the U.S. and was established in 1981. The firm is a global supplier of electrical and electronic appliances. Also, with additional investments in R&D, the firm has set its benchmark to address tough challenges linked to energy, security, and safety.

9. FLIR (U.S.)

Established in 1978, FLIR is a public company headquartered in the U.S. Through its thermal imaging systems, the firm is a pioneer in developing technologies that enhance perception and awareness in security applications such as airborne and ground-based surveillance.

Usage of HD Resolution Techniques and Night Vision Features Bolstered the Product Demand

With its devastating capabilities to focus on small details, such as license plates, the demand for the PTZ cameras rose to a great extent. The growing usage of HD resolution and night vision features in video surveillance systems for security purposes is another reason that has sparked the demand for PTZ cameras. Furthermore, due to its capabilities of transmitting digital signals, the camera also helps in identifying unattended and unexpected objects, path tracking, and much more using software solutions.