Prominent Players in the Swimming Pool Alarms Industry

Swimming is a fun activity. But that could turn into a disaster even before a swift blink. That’s where swimming pool alarms come in handy. Swimming pool alarms’ implementation has dramatically increased in recent years. Designed to prevent any accidents in a pool, these devices can predict a fall and its intensity. These alarms are used across residential and commercial constructions as a safety measure for prevention from any accidents. The increasing concerns for kids’ safety at swimming pools has massively surged the demand for these alarms.

Swift technological advancements witnessed in recent years and the development of smart wearable technologies have additionally uplifted the growth of the swimming pool alarms industry. These devices can be worn by anyone, be it kids or athletes. These devices can transmit breath rate, heart rate, and other signals to the people monitoring the diver’s safety and prevent any mishap.

However, the coronavirus pandemic hampered the growth of multiple industries globally. Supply chain issues due to strict lockdowns resulted in a steep decline in product demand. Ban on swimming activities led to a diminished product demand. Further, the closure of manufacturing plants and labor shortages affected the industry. Nonetheless, lockdown relaxations and resuming operations in the industry are likely to proliferate the industry’s expansion in the coming years. As per Business Research Insights, the global swimming pool alarms market size is predicted to hit USD 220.6 million by 2026. The rapidly rising online retail adoption by manufacturers is likely to uptick product sales in the forthcoming years.

Business Research Insights Identifies the Following as the Top 5 Leading Companies in the Global Swimming Pool Alarms Industry:

1.      Blue Wave Products Inc.

A leading producer and supplier of home leisure and pool products, the company was founded in 2006. Its extensive product line ranges from a huge variety of pool equipment/accessories and full above-ground pool kits to brands providing saunas and in-home table games. A few of the popular products offered by the company include oval solar blankets, luxury floats, round solar blankets, floats & toys, swimming pool alarms, and others.

2.      Piscines Magiline

As a designer and producer of custom and underground swimming pools, the company markets swimming pool kits constructed using reinforced shuttered concrete and a patented filtration system. The company also sells autonomous safety solutions that optimize consumption and augment safety at the pool.

3.      Coral Detection Systems Ltd.

The company offers video analytics-based drowning detection systems for residential pools or private pools. Its prominent product, Coral MANTA 3000 is a highly advanced computer vision-based detection system that provides 24/7 safety at the pool. The system can detect the number of people in the pool and even their entry and exit from the pool.

4.      iSmart Alarm Inc.

Founded in 2011 in the Silicon Valley, iSmart Alarms Inc. is a pioneer in smartphone-based home security control systems and automation. The systems offered by the company come with no monthly fees, no wiring necessity, and no contracts. The company’s specialties include DIY security, home security, smart home, home automation, burglar alarm systems, and connected home.

5.      Safety Turtle

Originally developed in 1996, the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm works on a simple principle of alerting a caretaker or parent in case of any unforeseen activity at the pool. It requires wiring, programming, or installation, and offers a seamless consumer experience. A few of the products offered by the company include Safety Turtle 2.0 Alarm Pet Kit, Safety Turtle 2.0 Additional Pet Adapter, Safety Turtle 2.0 Additional Child Wristband, and Safety Turtle 2.0 Pool Alarm Child Kit.

Recreational activities are resuming as the COVID-19 pandemic’s detrimental impact tumbles. Major companies operating in the aggressive market emphasize strategic acquisitions, technological advancements, and collaborations to strengthen their growth prospects. They are heavily investing in extending their research & development activities to launch innovative and advanced products. The exponentially rising demand for residential buildings due to urbanization and the ever-increasing population is estimated to uptick product demand. Additionally, the improving disposable income level is anticipated to be a key factor fostering the demand for swimming pool alarms in the coming years.