5 Key Players in the Robust Water Delivery Service Industry in 2023

Market growth for water delivery services is predicted to accelerate between 2021 and 2028. The numerous applications across regions are responsible for the water delivery market's expansion. The main market trends are what is driving the market, but the sector is also increasing rapidly because of the desire for clear, clean water and the rising health concerns about drinking clean water.

With a rising need for fast and easy access to safe drinking water, the market for water delivery services is a quickly expanding business. In addition to bottled water delivery, home and office water coolers, and bulk water delivery for commercial and industrial uses, this industry provides a wide range of services. On criteria including pricing, quality, delivery time, and customer service, businesses in this sector compete. Consumers now have easier access to water delivery services thanks to technological advancements, and businesses now have new ways to reach a larger market. In the upcoming years, the market is anticipated to keep expanding due to factors like population growth, urbanization, and an increase in health consciousness.

Business Research Insights™ predicts that the global water delivery service industry could be worth USD 26.25 billion by the end of 2028. From an annual valuation worth USD 19.48 billion in 2021, the industry share is projected to rise at a 4.3% CAGR during 2021-2028

Business Research Insights™ Presents the Top 5 Water Delivery Service Providers Globally 

1. Primo Water (U.S.)

The Primo Water company provides several choices for usage in the home and workplace, including countertop and floor-standing dispensers as well as a selection of bottled water options. Primo is dedicated to sustainability, using recycled materials in their goods and applying eco-friendly methods across their entire business. Primo Water is well-positioned to expand in the market for water delivery services with an emphasis on quality and client happiness.

2. Costco Wholesale (U.S.)

Groceries, electronics, apparel, and household items are just a few of the numerous things and services Costco Wholesale provides. The organization is renowned for its large-scale purchasing and cost-effective business style, providing its members with substantial discounts on goods. The business has a strong commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly procedures in its business operations and providing goods that support sustainability.

3. Culligan (U.S.)

With a variety of services for households and businesses, Culligan is a leader in the world of water treatment. Water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and drinking water systems are just a few of the company's offerings. For the benefit of its consumers, Culligan also offers water testing and analysis services. Culligan has a significant presence in the water treatment sector, with a network of over 800 dealers globally. The business has won praise for its dedication to offering top-notch goods and customer service as well as for its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

4. Nestle (Switzerland)

With well-known brands including Nestlé Pure Life, Poland Spring, and S. Pellegrino, the firm is one of the biggest suppliers of bottled water in the world. The business provides bulk delivery for business and industrial clients in addition to home and office delivery alternatives. The efforts of Nestlé's water distribution operations to reduce their environmental impact are a testament to the company's dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

5. Absopure (U.S.)

In the Midwest of the United States, Absopure is a well-known supplier of bottled water and related goods. Spring water, filtered water, and flavored water are just a few of the company's many water products. Awarded for its sustainability initiatives and environmental responsibilities, Absopure is dedicated to providing premium water and first-rate customer service. Absopure has become a reputable manufacturer of bottled water and a pioneer in the sector by putting a strong emphasis on the needs of its clients. 

How has COVID-19 Impacted the Sector of Water Delivery Services? 

The negative effects of COVID-19 on the water delivery service industry presented a variety of difficulties. Due to the imposition of stringent lockout regulations, the market's expansion was stifled and a significant revenue loss occurred. Sales of the service were hindered by the scarcity of essential components and workers required for the water delivery service industry to operate successfully. In addition, the strong demand for nearly everything caused prices to rise, which reduced the market's value. As a result, despite the great demand for the water delivery service, the market was unable to meet it owing to a lack of financing.

How will Water Delivery Service Market Fare in the Coming Years?

In the upcoming years, the market for water delivery services is anticipated to maintain its upward trend due to many factors. First, the desire for convenient and easy access to clean drinking water will continue to fuel market expansion. Second, the need for water delivery services will rise as a result of population expansion, urbanization, and increased health awareness. Technology developments and the emergence of new e-commerce platforms are also giving businesses in the industry new chances to expand.